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The overall idea of the contact seminar is to find partners with similar interests and develop ideas for the new KA2 cooperation partnerships on the issue of ICT and digital skills. The seminar will also give an opportunity to share experience and discover new approaches in the field with the special focus on creating cross sectoral and transversal collaborations between different sectors and organisations.

The seminar is open to participants within the fields of school education, vocational education and training, adult education and higher education. The contact seminar is mainly targeted at representatives from schools, VET and higher education institutions, second chance schools, adult education centres, teacher training institutions, enterprises, research institutions and other organisations interested in the theme of the seminar and committed to develop Erasmus+ cooperation partnerships.

The seminar is open to all Erasmus+ programme countries. We welcome up to 4 participants from each country, with a maximum of 70 delegates altogether. 

Find partners and develop new Erasmus+ projects.
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